It's All in the Details

  • Develop raw manuscript content directly with author and/ or in-house DE; prepare for submission to publisher.
  • Pull sample page material from manuscript; prepare (edit and code per specifications) for designer or compositor.
  • Copy edit manuscript received for production (file or hard copy edits); manage the review process with the author to finalize the content for composition.
  • Proof read all client specified page proof stages (files or hard copy).
  • Create and monitor weekly (or as specified by the client) complete production schedule for the author(s), in-house project team, compositor, digital service provider, and printer (if relevant) as a detailed timeframe and guide indicating the project’s status.  Client is contacted immediately regarding schedule deviations.
  • Daily technical support and guidance for the author.
  • Coordinate illustration and photo programs as prescribed by client's policy.
  • In conjunction with professor, in-depth pre-submission review of journal and dissertation manuscript; submit revisions suggestions; file formatting; edit their responses to market reviews.